Active feed: A fully functional feed that is actively used by the plugin.

All Content panel: The All Content panel is populated with items from the feeds you have added to the reader.

Amplify: The bullhorn icon on the PressForward toolbar. In All Content, you can use this button to send an item directly to WordPress Posts as a draft (if you are logged into WordPress with administrator permissions) or to tweet an item from your Twitter account. In Nominated, you can use this button to tweet an item.

Archive: This option on the PressForward toolbar in Nominated allows you to organize your nominated content by hiding items from view unless you use the Filter menu to toggle the visibility of archived items or to show only archived items.

Atom: Atom is a web feed format supported by PressForward. Read more here.

Draft: An unpublished WordPress post. Sending an item to draft sends it to the WordPress Posts panel, where it will say " — Draft" after the post title. These drafted posts contain the content and metadata that the plugin found in the original feed item. Content and metadata can be edited from within the WordPress Edit Post interface.

Feed: A data format for providing updated web content. The PressForward plugin lets you aggregate your web feeds within your WordPress installation in order to facilitate the redistribution of that content. The two main formats of web feeds are RSS and Atom. PressForward supports both.

Folders: Folders can be used to organize and group feeds as well as to filter items in All Content and Nominated. Folders work similarly to WordPress’s post tags, however, folders only apply to feeds and will not overwrite your post tags. Feeds can belong to multiple folders at once. OPML subscriptions will automatically import folders and assign feeds according to the OPML structure.

Inactive feed: A feed that has been sent to draft by users because it is broken or throwing errors. Dismissing an alert marks a feed as inactive.

Infinite Scroll: In All Content, this View option automatically loads more content when you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Item: A single content unit (article, post, blog, tweet, etc.) retrieved from an external source.

Module: PressForward modules are add-ons to alter or improve the functionality of the plugin.

Nominate This bookmarklet: The Nominate This bookmarklet allows you to visit a static page on the web and nominate the page content or draft it as a WordPress post. The Nominate This bookmarklet, once placed in your browser's bookmarks bar, can be used to nominate any item, even those not associated with RSS/Atom feeds.

Nominated panel: The Nominated panel contains items that users have nominated for publication from All Content and from the Nominate This bookmarklet.

Nomination: Either an item promoted for greater attention by users or the custom post type that contains those promoted items.

OPML: Outbound Processor Markup Language. OPML files allow users to automatically exchange lists of RSS/Atom feeds, like blogrolls, and OPML file subscriptions allow followers to receive automatic updates to that list. In PressForward, users can import OPML files with associated tags, subscribe to an OPML link, and generate outbound OPML files for others to follow. OPML file subscription improves PressForward administrators’ ability to manage their feed lists by automatically detecting additions or changes made to an OPML without requiring an update by the PressForward administrator. When administrators import an OPML file, it will recognize feed tags and create folders for them in All Content, improving users’ ability to organize and find available content.

Paginate: In All Content, this View option provides previous and next page links at the bottom of the page for paging through content.

Pressforward menu: Found in the WordPress sidebar, the PressForward menu allows you to navigate between All Content, Nominated, Add Feeds, Subscribed Feeds, Preferences, Tools, Folders, and View Log. See screenshot below.

PressForward toolbar: The toolbar that appears with each individual post enables you to interact with each item and to select particular items for publication. See images below.

PressForward toolbar as it appears in All Content with the buttons labeled

PressForward toolbar in All Content

PressForward toolbar as it appears in Nominated with the buttons labeled

PressForward toolbar in Nominated

Readability: To make an item readable is to retrieve as much of the original text as possible from the actual page, as opposed to partial text from a feed.

Reader View: Clicking on the title of an item in All Content or Nominated will open Reader View. This window allows you to view the feed item title, author, and source feed, as well as the complete text and associated images.

RSS: Commonly called Really Simple Syndication, RSS is a web feed format supported by PressForward. More information can be found here.

Source: The site or location from which an item was retrieved.

Star: A user-specific feature on the PressForward toolbar that enables you to mark particular items that you would like to return to or that you find interesting. While in All Content or Nominated, you can use the Filter menu in the navigation bar to see only your starred items.

Subscribed Feeds: The Subscribed Feeds panel is a list of the feeds that have been added to your PressForward plugin via OPML or individual feed addition.

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