Getting Started

Step 1: Install and Activate Plugin

To install from the WordPress Dashboard:

  1. Go to Installed Plugins in the Plugins menu in the WordPress sidebar and click Add New.

  2. Search for PressForward and click Install Now then Activate.

To install via FTP:

  1. Download PressForward from the WordPress plugin directory or download the most recent version of the zip or tar.gz file from GitHub.

  2. Place the folder in your "/wp-content/plugins" directory through your FTP client.

  3. Unzip the folder and rename it "pressforward."

  4. Activate plugin via Installed Plugins in the Plugins menu in the WordPress sidebar.

Step 2: Add RSS/ATOM Feeds and OPML Files

  1. Choose the Add Feeds tab in the PressForward menu in the WordPress sidebar.

  2. Add a feed URL or OPML file under Subscribe to Feeds.

  3. Click Save Options.

Step 3: Read, Discuss, and Nominate Content

Posts from added feeds will populate the All Content panel. Use the PressForward toolbar to see additional information, star items, add a comment, and nominate items to share on your site. To read and nominate posts:

  1. Select the All Content tab from the PressForward menu to review items.

  2. Click on a title from the All Content panel to read the full text in Reader View or follow the embedded link to view the original item.

  3. Navigate between items with the previous and next links.

  4. Click Submit Response or Add Comment to respond to an item.

  5. Click Nominate (single arrow icon) in the PressForward toolbar send an item to Nominated.

Step 4: Select Content and Send to Draft

  1. Open the Nominated panel and find your item.

  2. Click the title to open an item in Reader View.

  3. Click Draft (double arrow icon) in the PressForward toolbar to draft an item, sending it to the WordPress Posts panel.

Step 5: Format and Publish a Post

  1. Find drafts in the WordPress Posts panel.

  2. Edit, format, and publish content as you would any other post in WordPress.

  3. A link to the original site of publication will be inserted at the bottom of each post discovered through PressForward. Consider using this link to attribute work to its original site of publication.

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