Posting Nominated Items to WordPress

  1. Once an item has been sent to draft (using the Send to Draft button in the Amplify options in All Content or the Draft button in the Nominated item toolbar), users with administrator permissions can access these drafted WordPress posts, edit them, and publish them to the site. Posts sent to draft from the Nominate This bookmarklet will also appear here as drafts.

    • Items sent to draft can be found in the WordPress Posts panel, found in the WordPress sidebar. When you click on Posts, you will see a list of posts with " — Draft" after the post title.

    • These drafted posts contain the content and metadata that the plugin found in the original feed item. Content and metadata can be edited from within the WordPress Edit Post interface.

  2. Text content will appear in the main post window. To see the metadata pulled in by the plugin and to view or change which author will appear in the published version of the post, click on Screen Options in the top right corner of the post page, then make sure that the Custom Fields option is checked.

    • Once this option is selected, a number of custom fields generated by the plugin will appear under the post content. If you have allowed the plugin to overwrite the default WordPress author of the post, the name in the item_author field will appear as the author in the published version of the post. (This option can be found in the Preferences tab of the PressForward menu and is on by default.)

    • The additional metadata will not be reflected in the published post unless your theme is set to show the content in these custom fields. See the WordPress documentation for custom fields to change these settings.

  3. Once you have completed your edits, you can publish or schedule the post as you would any other WordPress post.

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