Managing Feeds Using the Subscribed Feeds Panel

  • The Subscribed Feeds panel is a list of the feeds that have been added to your PressForward plugin via OPML or individual feed addition. The options at the top of the page allow you to filter your subscribed feeds by:

    • Active - Fully functional feeds that are actively used by the plugin.

    • Inactive - Feeds that have been sent to draft by users because they are broken or are throwing errors. Dismissing an alert marks a feed as inactive.

    • Alerts - Feeds that are throwing alerts in PressForward's feed reader. These feeds may be taking too long to load, may have moved, or may be incompatible with the feed reader. Alerted feeds will also appear red in the All filter tab. You can also see the number of alerts in the PressForward menu next to Subscribed Feeds.

    • Under Review - Feeds that have been nominated through the Nominate This bookmarklet. These feeds will appear yellow in the All filter tab until they are approved.

  • The Subscribed Feeds table header allows you to find out more about how the plugin is using a feed.

    • The Folders column contains the names of the folders with which a feed is associated.

    • The Last Time Feed Item Retrieved column tells you when the plugin last found a new feed item on this feed.

    • The Last Time Feed Checked column tells you when the plugin last checked that feed for new items.

    • The Items column tells you how many items the plugin has pulled from that feed into All Content.

  • Feeds can be manually refreshed from the Subscribed Feeds page by clicking Refresh Feed Items under the url in the Title column.

Approving Nominated Feeds

  1. In the Subscribed Feeds panel, click Under Review to see the feeds that have been nominated through the Nominate This bookmarklet.

  2. Hover over the name of the feed under the Title column to see your options. If you want to add the nominated feed, click Quick Edit. (If you do not want to add the nominated feed, you can just click Trash.)

  3. In Quick Edit, select the dropdown menu next to Status. Select Active instead of Pending Review. (You can also change the tags and folders associated with the feed here.)

  4. Click Update in the bottom right corner of Quick Edit.

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